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‘The deep understanding of Hindustani Classical music that Alan Posselt has is almost enviable... Alan played an uncommon raga Barwa which is never heard on the sitar. Not only was he successful but he could also project his thoughts, devotion to perfection of ragdari and mastery over the instrument.’ 

The Times of India Bombay

Alan has been studying and performing Indian classical music for over fifty years.  Having commenced his career as classical guitarist and frustrated at that time by the constraints of repertoire, he travelled to India to learn Hindustani music & its sophisticated system of improvisation, with the specific intent of enriching his own compositions. In 1968 he attended the Maihar College where he had talim on sitar and sarod from Ustad Allaudin Khan, (father of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and teacher of Pandit Ravi Shankar). Here too Alan imbibed the rudiments of vocal technique and percussion . (more)


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